My name is Navneet Saini, Working as 3D/2D designer. I was born in Gurgugram, i like to learn from on-line tutorials, working with conceptual design gives more innovative thoughts and brainstorming open our minds. that's why i love my job and my work. my hobby is to understand basic fundamental.  After study on-line its a bit easy to understand that nothing is impossible if you decide to do something by deep of your heart,

I do blogging and my passion is to keep working with my dedication. I always try to learn from every situation of my life.. as my life is so simple and i love to live down to earth. My friends like to spend time with me, I like there company and love to hangout with friends. i like to play games.

Photography is a art and i love to capture details. I am an amateur photographer. currently i am using DSLR and initials gadgets. 


"Success is after work, so keep working."

2D Work

Some of my 2d Work i have done

3D Work

My 3d Work i have done


Some of shot Captured by me